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  • Do Mundo Real Ao Mundo Virtual 由現實到虛擬世界

Do Mundo Real Ao Mundo Virtual 由現實到虛擬世界

Alguns Aspectos Jurídico-Criminais Da Vida Cibercomunitária 虛擬(網絡)社區生活之若干刑事問研究


2005/01 University of Macau

Tags: Law

230 x 164 mm , 166pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-26-66-1

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The original title is Do Mundo Real Ao Mundo Virtual: Alguns Aspectos Jurídico-Criminais da Vida Cibercomunitária. This book is the master thesis of the author. It makes a research on crimes on the internet including: all kinds of definitions, types and characteristics of illegal acts in the virtual world; the problem and protection of intellectual property rights in cyber space; regional administration in the cyber world; electronic evidence, the development trend of crime in the virtual world and problems badly in need of solution.

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