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  • The European Union at 50

The European Union at 50

Assessing the Past, Looking Ahead

Edited by Paulo Canelas de Castro

English , 2010/01 University of Macau

Tags: Law

250 x 180 mm , 529pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99965-1-012-0

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Part I: From the Single Market to the Economic and Monetary Union: Is There Any Other Challenge Ahead?

1. The Developments of the Single Market and of the Monetary Union; Any Challenges Ahead?
Manuel Carlos Lopes Porto

2. Economic and Monetary Union after the Treaty of Lisbon: Integration and Differentiation
Francis Snyder

3. Building a China-EU Strategic Partnership
Dai Bingran

4. Which Future for the European Union?
Renato G. Flores Jr.

Part II: Other Policies, Other Concepts, and Other Models of Governance

5. The Lisbon Strategy and the External Action of the European Union ? An Overview
Maria Joao Rodrigues

6. A Survey and Preliminary Analysis of the Chinese Perception of the EU and China-Europe Relations
Zhou Hong, Dong Lisheng, Sun Long, Zhang Jun and Liu Zuokui

7. EU and China: Pursuit of Sustainable Development
Song Ying

8. Paradigm Shifts in European Union Water Policy
Paulo Canelas de Castro

Part III: The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: More Freedom, Justice or More Security?

9. Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union ? the Story so far and (some of) the Challenges for the Future
Eleanor Sharpston

10. When Worlds Collide: Enforcing United Nations Security Council Asset Freezes in the European Union Legal Order
Jorge A. F. Godinho

Part IV: The Institutional System: Efficient at Last?

11. The Institutional System of the European Union and the Treaty of Lisbon: Change in Continuity
Isabelle Pingel

Part V: European Union Law and International Law: How International Law-Friendly Is The Union?

12. The Relations between European Union Law and International Law
Torsten Stein

13. The Compability of the Kadi Judgment with International Law
Andre Nollkaemper

14. Competition or Coherence in Fundamental Rights Protection in Europe?
Jorg Polakiewicz

Part VI: The External Action of the European Union: An Union Open to The World

15. Non-Market economy Issues in Sion-EU Relations: a Purely Technical Matter or Beyond?
Zeng Lingliang and Zhang Ying

16. Macau and Hong Kong in the Context of EU-China Relations
Jose Luis de Sales Marques

17. EU-Hong Kong Relations after 1997: Continuities and Challenges
Ting Wai

18. European Union-MERCOSUR Relations
Paulo Borba Casella

19. The European Union and Africa
Joao Gomes Cravinho

Part VII: Constitutionalism without Constitution

20. The Effects of Ratification Procedures on EU Constitutional Politics
Carlos Closa

Part VIII: The European Union Legal Order: Sui Generis Case or Global Lesson?

21. The Brussels Convention and The Brussels I Regulation on jurisdiction and Foreign Judgment ? a Diluted Success of the EU
Tu Guangjian

22. Law Shopping and Good Governance
Jose Joaquim Gomes Canotilho


Appendix 1: Opening Speech
Appendix 2: Conference Agenda

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