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  • China's Regions, Polity and Economy

China's Regions, Polity and Economy

A Study of Spatial Transformation in the Post-Reform Era

Si-ming Li, Wing-shing Tang

English , 2000/01 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: China Studies, Geography

229 x 152 mm , 424pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-201-854-9

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This book addresses spatial issues in China from a novel perspective. After an elaboration of different aspects of foreign investment from Japan, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese, which is the prime motor of growth, the discussion is organized around different spatial scales. It investigates how the reforming Chinese socialist state affects the activity spaces of different members of society, thereby transforming the economy and society at different levels, namely, the region (or province), the city, the village, the factory, and the individual.

The book is of interest to scholars and students of contemporary China. While sundry works have been telling us that China has developed dramatically in the last two decades, this book supplies us with details of what these drastic changes are at different levels. Given China's unique experience - the only socialist country with persuasive economic growth - the book also appeals to those interested in socialist societies in transition. It offers fresh insights into how a socialist country prospers without adopting a "big-bang" approach.

Si-ming Li is Professor and Head of the Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University. His major research interests are in urban and economic geography. Currently he is undertaking a research project on residential mobility and urban restructuring in China.

Wing-shing Tang is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests are in planning theories, urban development and planning under socialism, and urban planning practices in Hong Kong and other major Chinese cities.

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