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  • (Out of Stock) To Eastern Lands

(Out of Stock) To Eastern Lands

Reflections in prose, photographs and verse of a journey from Melbourne to Bombay, Beijing, and other exotic destinations

Roger Uren

English , 2013/04 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

210 x 140 mm , 104pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8227-03-7

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TO EASTERN LANDS features prose, photographs and verse from the 1960s onwards about a Melbourne boy who became increasingly involved in Asia. The prose passage sets out the social, cultural and intellectual context in which this young Melbournian matured and developed from grammar school student to diplomat and author. The verse reflects an array of issues. The early verse describes the pleasures of time at the sea and the philosophical questions that confront a grammar school student. The later verse captures the impressions formed by time spent in India, Malaysia, China, Japan and other Asian countries. The focus expands from personal and romantic relationships through to diplomatic incidents and international politics, including satirical views of the often cliché-laced language of politicians and academics. The photographs of people and places are contemporary with the prose and verse and illustrate them.

ROGER UREN was born in Melbourne in 1947. After secondary school he worked for almost a year in India, and then undertook a Law/Arts course at Melbourne University, which included Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, and Asian history and a course at the Mandarin Training Centre in Taipei. He joined the Australian Foreign Service in 1974 and had diplomatic postings to Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Washington. In Washington he wrote a biography of Kang Sheng, the key figure in the creation of the Communist Chinese intelligence service. In 1993 he transferred to head the Asia Branch at the Office of National Assessments, the Australian agency analyzing international affairs. He left government service in 2001 and joined Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television, the world’s major broadcaster of international news in Chinese.

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