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  • Outloud


an anthology of poetry from OutLoud readings, Hong Kong

English , 2002/01 Others

Tags: Literature

174 x 120 mm , 161pp ISBN : 978-962-8056-12-5

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This anthology is a selection of some of the best poems read at Hong Kong’s monthly “OutLoud” readings over a three-year period extending from late 1998 to early 2002. The voices of these “OutLoud” poets reach you above the din of a frenetic city that changes its skyline as frequently as it changes its population ─ a city careering towards a critical mass of seven million people crowded together in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The poets in this volume come from Hong Kong and other parts of China, India, Malaysia, the UK, the USA, Australia, Greece, Ireland and Canada ─ most are permanent residents while others have already moved on. In the urban poetic nest there are no cuckoos, each voice is as authentic as the next and this volume of urban poetry with its blend of disparate voices is the true song of the city.

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