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  • Chinese English

Chinese English

Features and Implications

Xu Zhichang

English , 2010/01 Open University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

229 x 152 mm , 252pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7707-70-7

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Chinese English: Features and Implications is one of the first systematic attempts to codify the linguistic features of Chinese English and to explore the implications of Chinese English as a model for ELT and intra- and intercultural communication. This empirically based and thoroughly researched work presents the findings of an original investigation into the features and implications of Chinese English as a developing variety of English in the paradigm of World Englishes and Asian Englishes. It comprises three parts: 'Framework for Chinese English,' 'Linguistic features of Chinese English,' and 'Implications of Chinese English as a model.' It will be of good value to students, teachers, academics, and researchers who are interested in Chinese English studies, ELT, and intra-and intercultural communication in China.

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