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  • 澳門發展的人口條件與人口政策研討會論文集


澳門中國經濟研究中心 (主編)

English, Chinese , 1996/01 University of Macau

Tags: Geography

290 x 215 mm , 152pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-972-96005-7-9

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本書為澳門大學學術研討會論文系列的第一輯。作者分別來自澳門大學、立法會、市政議會、統計司、工商界等資深人士,還有中國大陸的學者。他們深入討論了澳門未來的人口規模、人口政策,以回應澳門成為百萬人口都市所面對的利弊,為澳門研究人口發展最重要的專書之一。 The original title is《澳門發展的人口條件與人口政策研討會論文集》. The ever-increasing population of Macau has created some impact on education, housing, and even sports facilities, etc. The issue became so compelling that a series of discussions were brought up in a symposium which has been documented in this collection of conference proceedings. 17 papers were prepared by presenters from different government sectors and universities in Mainland China and Macau.

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