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  • Codigo de Processo Civil de Macau 澳門民事訴訟法典

Codigo de Processo Civil de Macau 澳門民事訴訟法典

Anotado e Comentado (Vol.II) 註釋與評論 (二)

Cândida da Silva Antunes Pires, Viriato Manual Pinheiro de Lima

2008/01 University of Macau

Tags: Law

250 x 170 mm , 536pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-970-8-1

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The original title is Código de Processo Civil de Macau: Anotado e Comentado ( Vol.1) This is the first volume of a six-volume series entitled Code of Civil Process of Macau: Annotated and Commented. Relevant investigations have already been started during the time when the old Code of Civil Process was in effect. The work was originally written for teaching purposes. Legal texts interpreted by the author during the time he was teaching Code of Civil Process were inserted, as well as important doctrines and jurisprudences. This six-volume series will cover all the articles of the Code of Civil Process of Macau. 本書為《澳門民事訴訟法典注釋與評論》一套六卷著作中的首卷。有關研究在《舊民事訴訟法典》生效期間已開始,初期為教學而編寫,文中加入了作者在教授民事訴訟法期間解釋的法律文本,以及當中重要的學說和司法見解,該套譯註共有六卷,將會覆蓋全部《澳門民事訴訟法典》的條文。

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