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  • 圖書館英語 Library English

圖書館英語 Library English

圖書館日常用語 (修訂版)

潘華棟, 陳兆能

English, Chinese , 2008/01 University of Macau

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

210 x 150 mm , 202pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-94-36-3

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一本提高圖書館人員英語及普通話水準不可或缺的實用書籍。《圖書館英語:圖書館日常用語》按圖書館的功能特性分十六部分:開放時間;位置及設施;流通與閱覽服務;參考諮詢服務;分類與編目;圖書館目錄;圖書館規章制度;數據庫和網絡資源;活動及展覽;複印和視聽設備;電話英語;接待來賓;建議及投訴處理;禮貌用語及其他;以及自我評核等,約共一千句。內容實用,每部分均設有中英對照的「情景對話」,以增加生動性。此外,還加插了世界各地圖書館的圖片,開闊讀者視野。 An indispensable practical book for librarians to improve their English and Putonghua level. Library English: Commonly Used Expressions in the Library is divided into 16 sections according to the library function: opening hour, location and facilities, circulation and reading service, reference service; categorization and catalogue, library catalogue, library regulation, database and network resource, activities and exhibitions, photocopy and video & audio equipment, telephone English, guests reception, suggestion and complaints handling, polite language and others, as well as self-evaluation, altogether about 1,000 sentences. The book is very practical. In order to look more lively, every section has “situational conversations” in English as well as Chinese. Besides, the pictures of libraries worldwide are also added in order to broaden the readers’ vision.

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