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  • Grammar and Discourse

Grammar and Discourse

Proceedings of the International Conference on Discourse Analysis

Ren Shaozheng, William Guthrie I. W. Ronald Fong

English, Chinese , 2001/01 University of Macau

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

295 x 210 mm , 237pp ISBN : 978-972-95505-5-3

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Grammar and Discourse is a collection of seminal papers delivered in the International Conference on Discourse Analysis organized by University of Macau in conjunction with Tsinghua University, China. The book is thematically divided into five parts (22 papers): Language and Context, Grammar and Discourse, Approaches to Discourse, Specific Analyses, and Chinese Grammar and Discourse, and Comparative Studies. Except the paper by Cheng Yumin, all other papers are written in English, which makes the book more accessible to a wider audience. The papers are written by some of the most internationally renowned linguists and scholars in the fields such as Michael Halliday, Hu Zhuanglin and Peter Fries. Discourse and Grammar is an important contribution to Systemic-Functional linguistics, discourse analysis and Chinese grammar, and will prove essential reading for linguists, language teachers, foreign language teachers and students alike.

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