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  • 澳門教育如何邁進新紀元教育研討會論文集


梁成安 (主編)

Chinese , 2001/01 Educational Studies Series, Education Policy Studies Series University of Macau

Tags: Education

265 x 190 mm , 253pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-26-09-8

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在踏入廿一世紀,教育隨著社會急速變化而面臨許多挑戰,如何化危為機、抓緊機遇尋求更大的發展,是研討會主要探討的課題。透過集思廣益,取長補短,共同研究最佳的方案。 The original title is《澳門教育如何邁進新紀元教育研討會論文集》. In the new millennium, our society is experiencing rapid changes and so is our education. Failing to cope with such changes will pose adverse effect on its development. As a result, the conference aims at discussing the fundamental issues affecting education in Macau in this new era, and ways to cope with the problems.

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