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A Model of Mini-Economy

W. C. Leong, Ricardo Siu

English , 1997/01 University of Macau

Tags: Economics

225 x 153 mm , 160pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-972-97050-2-1

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Macau, with its uniqueness as a mini-economy, has witnessed a steady development to a prosperous economy in the past decades. This book analyzes the pattern, structure and changes of Macau economy, and also discusses its strengths and weaknesses. 本書乃首部研究澳門經濟的英文專著。分析方法以澳門為一微型經濟體系為出發點,從而分析其經濟型態、結構、經濟變化及其過程,輔以澳門之優劣勢分析及實證研究結果,對預測澳門的未來發展作出具建設性的建議。

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