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  • The Macau Economy

The Macau Economy

S. S. Chan

English , 2000/01 University of Macau

Tags: Economics

230 x 170 mm , 113pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-26-03-6

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The Macau Economy provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the economy of Macau, the second Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It reviews all major areas of Macau’s economy and discusses the problems and opportunities in its future development. 本書深入分析澳門作為中華人民共和國第二個特別行政區的經濟。本書更對澳門的主要經濟發展作出回顧,並探討了一些以未來發展為基礎的問題及機會,為學者及營商者提供了不少寶貴資料和分析。

Sau San Chan was born in Macau and educated in Macau, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He received his Ph.D. (economics and finance) from University of Hong Kong and his Master's degree in economics from University of Warwick in England. Dr. Chan was assistant professor at Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. He was also coordinator of Economics and International Finance Programme and director of Business Research and Training Centre. Dr. Chan had previously served as a business economist and senior executive with major organizations in Hong Kong. He was Economist at the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Head of Economic Research at the Bank of East Asia Ltd., and Senior Manager at the Economic Division of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and General Manager at the New T&T (Hong Kong) Ltd. of the Wharf Group. Dr. Chan's research interests are mainly monetary and banking systems and the Macau economies in professional journals and newspapers.

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