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  • Biblical Theocracy

Biblical Theocracy

Stephen Palmquist

English , 1993/01 Philopsychy Press, Hong Kong

Tags: Philosophy

210 x 140 mm , 198pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7770-02-2

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Most people nowadays treat "theocracy" – i.e., God's rule – as a concept with little or no political value. This is due in large part to our modern tendency to emphasize the centrality of defending human rights as the key to good government. When mentioned at all, theocracy is typically regarded as a harmful and/or na?ve misuse of religious categories. Biblical Theocracy offers a fresh way of looking at these issues to anyone interest in biblical interpretation or Christian living. As a Christian philosopher and specialist on Kant, Stephen Palmquist traces the origin of modern political theory back to its roots in Aristotle's Philosophy. He then calls into question the very foundations of modern political theory, with its almost universal faith in the virtues of democracy. This book deals in a clear and direct way with the most basic issues relating to the interface between politics and religion. With its frequent references to biblical texts, supplemented by extensive scholarly notes, it makes essential yet challenging reading for the scholar and layman alike.

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