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  • Dreams of Wholeness

Dreams of Wholeness

Stephen Palmquist

English , 2008/01 Philopsychy Press, Hong Kong

Tags: Psychology

210 x 140 mm , 308pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7770-50-3

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Have you ever wondered what (if any) meaning your dreams have? Are they merely the confusing and fragmented hodgepodge of images they appear to be? Or could they veil a deeper, hidden meaning that provides clues to the wholeness we all long to experience in life? In this book Dr. Stephen Palmquist provides compelling evidence for the latter answer, supporting his argument at every step with personal examples from his own life and dreams. He focuses special attention on the role of evil in personal growth, and on how friendship can and should be the primary context for overcoming evil's crippling influence. Though it may sound paradoxical, Palmquist asserts that "to be an individual is to love" (p.218).

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