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  • The Box Book 盒子經

The Box Book 盒子經

The Beauty and the Beast of Hong Kong Culture (A box set of 3 books and 2DVDs) 二十年‧詞集‧對話

Kung Chi Shing, Peter Suart, Lo Yin Shan, Valerie Doran

English, Chinese , 2009/01 MCCM Creations

Tags: Music, Cultural Studies

205 x 208 mm , 656pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-99843-9-7

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《盒子經》一套三冊及DVD,紀錄盒子樂隊二十年的影像、文字、歌詞,以及三十多篇與香港文化相關的對話和文章。 「盒子」是龔志成與彼得小話1987年在香港成立的組合。盒子不能稱之為樂隊,因為兩人玩的音樂不止於樂與怒、電子、環境、世界……介乎於另類、流行、古典、前衛之間。兩人曾經與不同媒介的音樂人、藝術家、舞臺演員、作家及團體合作,實驗聲音、文字/文學、影像、動作、即興及「音樂劇場」的可能性。 第一書〈二十年〉嘗試以宣傳繪畫、攝影/錄像、報章雜誌訪問及評論、兩人的文字,中英不對照地為盒子、龔志成、彼得小話二十二年來的存在,給下一個紀錄。第二書〈詞集〉主要記載彼得小話為盒子及其部份個人作品創作的詩、詞、故事,還有任卓華、韓偉康、周耀輝等為盒子或龔志成個人作品撰寫的歌詞。盒子的存在不能與香港文化背景分割。因此龔志成在2007/2009年與二十多位幾代香港人開展對話——從音樂、藝術、劇場、電影、評論、文化政策延伸到教育、社會、經濟及政治各方面的議題,再加上十多位作者的文章,第三書〈對話〉嘗試將各種觀點及個人成長經驗拼貼,呈現一幅更多面的香港文本圖像,勾劃出香港身份二十多年的起承轉合與轉化。 對談者包括:陳智德,袁智聰,關勁松,麥海珊,黃志淙,周耀輝,黃耀明,馮禮慈,My Little Aiport,梁偉樂,顏峻,廖偉棠,曹誠淵,張輝,榮念曾,茹國烈,何應豐,鄧樹榮,朗天,梁國雄,郭達年,Yank Wong,Gerard Henry,David Clarke,邱禮濤,游靜,何詩敏,陳廣仁,馮敏兒,韓偉康,曾德平,Wilson Tsang,羅乃新,楊嘉輝及龔志成。 The box is a theatrical music ensemble founded by Kung Chi Shing and Peter Suart in Hong Kong in 1987. The two founders share an interest in experimental music, improvisation, visual and theatrical environments for music, and in literature. It draws on various musical forms — ambient, electronic, rock, folk — and uses sound, words, images, movement, costume and environment in a theatrical fashion. the box has collaborated with numerous musicians, artists, dancers, writers and actors, both on box shows and on the dance and theatre works of other gourps. The band occupies an unusual position in Hong Kong culture, one which straddles popular and experimental forms. Book 1 - band history presents an overview of twenty-two years of its work. Book 2 - songwords, prose, poetry contains a selection of songs, stories and poems written for the Hong Kong theatrical music ensemble the box and for other projects in which Kung and Suart have had a part. Most of the texts are by Peter Suart, Valerie Doran and a number of other writers. No band is an island. The box has been shaped by the city of Hong Kong, Book 3 - conversations carries cover 20 dialogues and 15 articles, contributed by a wide range of people, about Hong Kong, its cultural environment and its arts scene between 1987 and 2009.

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