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  • Le Songe Creux (Out of Stock)

Le Songe Creux (Out of Stock)

Codex (2 Vols. in a box set)

Drawings by Frank Vigneron

English , 2008/01 Art Museum, CUHK

Tags: Art

300 x 210 mm , 44pp ISBN / ISSN : 9789889984311

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Out Of Stock

A series of drawings, all drawn with a technical pen on paper sharing the same basic idea of lines interacting in an ongoing process – a process that will only stop with the death of its maker. Le Songe Creux – Codex brings this process into a Chinese ‘butterfly’ book format: a more portable version (half-size) of a large-scale drawingin accordian-folds, each side measuring 4200mm long.

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