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  • Envisioning Architecture 42+ (Out of Stock)

Envisioning Architecture 42+ (Out of Stock)

15th Graduation, Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, CUHK

Cherry Lam Cheuk Yee, et al.

English , 2011/01 School of Architecture, CUHK

Tags: Architecture

210 x 150 mm , 395pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8272-15-0

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Architecture is a product of every one of our aspirations, an immediate response to the inner desires of design and of self-revelation towards the ideal. The creation of our reality entails the dream-esque qualities of our visions, the ideas inspired by the very basis of life and parallels of order, reality and perception to reveal the image of the city.

We can consciously manipulate the physical to influence the emotional, in our very own state of abstraction. As an architect, through the design of objects we are able to bring these goals to realism. Architecture becomes the physical form of the ideas. In a world of intricate political and social constraints, Architecture can respond to the dynamics of the society fulfilling and enveloping the individuals. As an agent of transformation and of 3-d penetration, it acts as a multi-layered dispersion of the structured reality to inspire and motivate each and every one of us.

To reflect upon the theme, documentation is an expose into the visions within the institution, with the support of interviews, discussions and thesis topics by the current MArch students and professors, we aim to provide a provocative archive formulated to collect, explore and unravel the diverse attitudes and voice in the society today.

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