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  • To Pierce the Material Screen

To Pierce the Material Screen

An Anthology of 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature (2 Vols.)

Eva Hung, with the assistance of Chi-yin Ip

English , 2008/01 Renditions Books Research Centre for Translation, CUHK

Tags: Literature

235 x 155 mm , 543pp ISBN : 978-962-7255-34-5

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The perception of Hong Kong as materially successful and culturally marginal is a common one. The city, sheltered from the Chinese political tsunamis, has in fact developed a distinctive character that is reflected in her literary scene. It has been a safe haven for writers on the run, a cradle for genres unwelcome to the Beijing government, a battleground between 'Left' and 'Right', and a confluence of East and West, popular and high-brow. Works collected in this anthology, spanning three quarters of a century, show how local literature engaged with the dominant discourses of Chinese culture while exploring the pains and possibilities of a fast-developing metropolis. Taken in total, they reveal the emergence of the 'Hong Kong identity'.

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