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  • 羅傑瑞先生七秩晉三壽慶論文集


余靄芹, 柯蔚南 主編

Chinese , 2010/06 T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre, CUHK

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

260 x 190 mm , 522pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7330-21-9

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方言語音的文章計有《閩語劄記二則》(丁邦新)、《Competing methodologies of Chinese dialect field work, and their implications for the study of the history of the Northern Min Dialects》(Zev Handel韓哲夫)、《論閩東區方言的分區》(秋穀裕幸)、《論「庪閣」與「頍戴」》(楊秀芳)、《Language contact on Hainan island: the Hainan dialect in historical perspective》(餘靄芹)、《紹興方言中蟹攝一等咍泰韻的分合》(王福堂)、《The affiliation of the Yanzhou dialects from the perspective of Common Dialectal Chinese》(Richard VanNess Simmons史皓元)、《The phonology of Common Yangtze Watershed Mandarin》(W. South Coblin柯蔚南)。

方言詞法、語法的文章有《Some thoughts on ordinary negatives in Chinese dialects》(梅祖麟)、《閩北地區五個方言的詞法特點及其歸屬》(張雙慶)、《Some grammatical features of the Jianyang dialect of Northern Min》(鄧琳)、《The go-type and the give-type indirect object markers in the Conghua dialect》(錢志安)。 方言分區有兩篇評介性的文章:《羅傑瑞先生對漢語方言分區的貢獻》(李如龍)和《評羅傑瑞教授的漢語方言分區方案》(項夢冰)。

歷史音韻的文章有《The time of the emergence of medial yod》(Axel Schuessler)、《「轉音」小考》(何大安)、以及《韻尾聲調變異在區別緬彝、漢白語言上的作用》(鄭張尚芳)。

阿爾泰語的文章四篇,其中有已故蒙古語大師繁佩Nicolas E. Poppe的遺作《Buriat soi》,另三篇包括繁佩的弟子包森 James E. Bosson的《Sa skya Pan?d?ita's Subh?s?itaratnanidhi in Manchu》、《Are you nuts? Questions on identification of terms in the tubihe ("fruit") section of the Manchu Mirror》(Stephen A. Wadley威哲揚)和《On the similarities of the usage of Manchu se- "to say" and Uyghur da_- "to say"》(Litip Tohti托乎提)。

甲骨文的文章有《談談殷墟甲骨蔔辭中的"於"》(裘錫圭)和《A reconstruction of Shang join rituals》(高島謙一)。

社會語言學的文章有《Motivation and nonsense in Chinese secret languages》(David Prager Branner林德威)。

This Festschrift honors Professor Jerry L. Norman on his seventy-third birthday, for his numerous and pioneering contributions to the fields of Chinese and Altaic linguistics, both as scholar and teacher in these fields. It contains new and original articles dedicated to him by twenty-four of his colleagues, friends, and students, whose work in these areas has been inspired by his example and/or his guidance. The book includes papers on a range of topics in Chinese dialectology, historical phonology, epigraphy, and sociolinguistics, and on special problems in the fields of Mongolian, Tungusic, and Turkic historical and comparative philology. Especially noteworthy is the posthumous final known work of the late Professor Nicholas Poppe, one of the greatest Ataicists of the twentieth century. The Festschrift should be of interest to persons working in any or all of these wide-ranging disciplines.

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