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  • 我最寶貴的 My Favourite Thing

我最寶貴的 My Favourite Thing

思樂維, 董興茂, 倪美琪, 羅玉蘭 (主編)

English, Chinese , 2005/01 Oxfam Hong Kong

Tags: Sociology

210 x 170 mm , 160pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-7-108-02253-0

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In 1998, Oxfam Hong Kong editor Madeleine Marie Slavick travelled to Southwest China and asked people what they cherish most, and why. She then collected stories from 11 countries and in 2001, created an exhibition that has been translated in Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish. Love Outreach Education Academy in Shanghai expanded the project, with over 125,000 students conducting interviews across China.

My Favourite Thing – 70 compelling stories from around China and around the world.

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