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  • Mastering Change in a Globalizing World

Mastering Change in a Globalizing World

New Directions in Leadership

John Pisapia

English , 2006/01 Educational Studies Series, Education Policy Studies Series

Tags: Education

216 x 138 mm , 52pp ISBN : 9789628077007

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This paper described the environment created by globalization as the postmodern condition, a stage which differs from the modern paradigm in that it signals a shift toward a new era which will replace the previous one. Where the postmodern condition is found, one may also typically find chaos and a lack of order, multiple truths, and a rejection of the grand narrative. Since the postmodern condition rewards leaders who maximize their conceptual agility and their organization's adaptability, an alternative to the legacy models of modern era leadership is needed. To replace these models, a new conceptualization of strategic leadership to serve as a bridge to the era of globalization was offered. This paper described strategic leadership and its five components, with the focus placed on the fifth strategy (applying the artist's paintbrush). Its essence is that the strategic leader works in a multifaceted reality and must therefore apply a multifaceted set of leadership actions. Finally the pyramids of change were presented to guide leaders in mastering change.

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