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  • 培訓前工資、勞動者能力自我篩選與農村勞動力培訓結




Chinese , 2010/01 School of Architecture, CUHK

Tags: China Studies, Economics

215 x 140 mm , 34pp ISBN / ISSN : 2079-0759

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滬港發展聯合研究所於二零零一年成立,旨在凝聚復旦大學和香港中文大學的研究力量,提高大學的研究水準;根據社會發展的需要,聯合研究重大戰略性、前瞻性、緊迫性課題,以科學的方法和態度,及新觀點和新視野,向政府部門和企業機構等提供政策性建議,提升大學對政府決策的影響力,為上海和香港經濟持續繁榮發展和社會和諧進步作出貢獻,以及為地區和國家整體謀求更大的福利。 The Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute (SHKDI) was established by the Fudan University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong In January 2001. The Institute aims to raise the level of research of the university, provide policy advice to both the public and private sectors on issues of strategic importance in order to enhance the influence of the universities on governmental policy, help Shanghai and Hong Kong achieve sustained prosperity and deeper integration with the global economy, and achieve the greatest benefits for our region and nation.

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