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  • From Manufacturing Cross-Border Operations to Regional Economic Integration

From Manufacturing Cross-Border Operations to Regional Economic Integration

Evolution of Hong Kong's Economy and the Guangdong Factor

Chyau Tuan, Linda Fung-Yee Ng

English , 2001/01 Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute Ocasional Paper Series Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: China Studies, Hong Kong Studies, Economics

215 x 140 mm , 24pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-441-802-6

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1987 represents a turning point in Hong Kong's manufacturing production in terms of its input-output relations as well as its employment structure, industrial structure and competitive patterns via an expansion in scale with little change in total factor productivity performance. This paper discusses the major findings of research by the authors since the early 1990s, into the evolution of Hong Kong's manufacturing industry and its impact on Hong Kong's economic development during the past two decades. The main aims are: (1) to describe the major phenomena of Hong Kong's FDI in China and its diffusion process; (2) to review the patterns of the evolving manufacturing FDI and its service-oriented activities; (3) to examine the economic growth of Hong Kong in the context of agglomeration economies; and (4) to discuss the future direction of growth in Hong Kong that can be achieved by increasing its competitive advantage.

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