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  • Tai Shi Village 太石村

Tai Shi Village 太石村

Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明

English, Chinese , 2005/01

Tags: China Studies, Rural

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Tai Shi Village follows the famous events when villagers of Tai Shi, located in suburban Guangzhou, tried hard to remove the appointed local officials. Villagers worried that the officials might gang up with the government on the matter of land requisitions. In order to protect their interests, villagers asked for their right as declared in law, although seldom fulfilled, to elect the officials. The issue resulted in conflict between the villagers and the government, which lasted for months. The director risked her life to take these pictures, reflecting vividly the interests and contradictions intertwined in the reality of rural China.

本片紀錄了 2005 年在廣州市番禺區太石村村民罷免村官事件。村民懷疑政府以開發徵用土地的名義,未經廣大村民即土地原來的主人的同意與認可,官商勾結,黑箱作業,牟取暴利,損害村民利益。村民與當地政府在事件中的對峙精彩地揭示了當今在中國農村利益和矛盾糾結的狀態。

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