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  • (Out of Stock) The Devil You Know

(Out of Stock) The Devil You Know

Peter Gregoire

English , 2014/12 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

210 x 140 mm , 352pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8227-63-1

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A pressing need for income tempts Scott Lee to take on media tycoon, Rufus Lam’s case. It seems like a straightforward enough missing person’s search. Find out what happened to Rufus Lam’s friend and close business partner, Terence Auyeung. Take the money and move on. That’s the aim. A nice distraction too, from the growing malaise into which Hong Kong, the once vibrant city which has been Scott’s home for the past ten years, is slowly sinking. Sure, it’s 2017 and the city is about to elect its new Chief Executive. But not with the election system Hong Kong people want, Beijing has seen to that. The dream of democracy – true democracy – ended in 2014 when the initial exhilaration of the Umbrella Protests petered into nothing. But as Scott digs deeper in his search for Auyeung, he soon discovers that the Umbrella Generation never dissipated. It just went into hibernation, waiting for the right leader and the right time, to take up the cause once more. That leader is none other than Scott’s client, Rufus Lam.
That time is now. And Scott’s caught right in the middle of it.

The Devil You Know is Peter Gregoire’s blistering follow-up to his prize-winning first novel Article 109 which reached Number One on Dymocks list of best-sellers.

This is entirely a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and only for fictitious purposes. There are some references to real events, like the July 2003 march, the protest against the National Education curriculum and the events which have collectively come to be referred to as the “Umbrella Movement”, all of which have been reported in the Hong Kong and international press.  As for the opinions expressed by the characters throughout the book, they are the product of the author’s imagination.

Peter Gregoire is the bestselling author of Article 109, the legal thriller set in Hong Kong and joint-winner of the international Proverse Prize 2011. He works as a legal counsel in the Hong Kong financial services industry and is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong.

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