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Shenzhen Workers Speak

Twenty Workers Tell Their Stories with a Camera

English , 2005/01 Oxfam Hong Kong

Tags: China Studies

212 x 200 mm , 140pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-664-023-4

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A group of workers see the world through cameras, and voice their opinions through images.

This is not a photo album of sweatshops. This book is not going to show you a wide shot of migrant workers or the faceless labourers discussed in academic theories.

This book tells you the thoughts of 20 factory workers in Shenzhen who took part in the Photovoice Workshop organised by Oxfam Hong Kong and Shenzhen Labour Service Centre. Each participant used an automatic camera to record their lives, and then selected the photos for the project and wrote the captions. They tore down the boundaries between "interviewee" and "interviewer", expressing their thoughts and feelings independently and directly.

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