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Anja Utler

Bilingual , 2017/10 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 110 mm , 78pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-237-047-0

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This pocket-sized paperback is one of the twenty-four titles published for 2017 Hong Kong International Poetry Nights. The theme of IPHHK2017 is “Ancient Enmity”. IPNHK is one of the most influential international poetry events in Asia. From 22–26 November 2017, over 20 invited poets from various countries will be in Hong Kong to read their works based on the theme “Ancient Enmity.” Included in the anthology and box set, these unique works are presented with Chinese and English translations in bilingual or trilingual formats.

Anja Utler was born in Schwandorf in 1973, and currently shuttles between Vienna, where she teaches poetry at the University of Applied Arts, Prague, where her husband lives, and Regensburg, where her books are. In 2003 she received her PhD at the University of Regensburg with a dissertation on Russian Modernist poetry. Her poetry collection münden – entzüngeln won the coveted "Leonce-und-Lena-Preis" for Poetry in 2003. The American translation by Kurt Beals, engulf – enkindle, was a Best Translated Book Award finalist in 2012. For her innovative poetic exploration of political issues such as ecology in her latest book ausgeübt. Eine Kurskorrektur, she was awarded with the "Basler Lyrikpreis" (Basel Poetry Prize) in 2014. She is Honorary Fellow of the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa (IWP '14), and in spring 2015, she was German Writer in Residence at Oberlin College, Ohio. Utler's works explore the impact of different media and modes of perception on the experience of a text: her works brinnen (2006) and jana, vermacht (2009) were both published in print and audio formats; jana, vermacht was also transformed into an installation for an exhibition. Poems by Anja Utler have been translated into numerous languages.

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