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  • The Man Without Arms

The Man Without Arms

Hirata Toshiko

Bilingual , 2017/10 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 110 mm , 62pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-237-038-8

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This pocket-sized paperback is one of the twenty-four titles published for 2017 Hong Kong International Poetry Nights. The theme of IPHHK2017 is “Ancient Enmity”. IPNHK is one of the most influential international poetry events in Asia. From 22–26 November 2017, over 20 invited poets from various countries will be in Hong Kong to read their works based on the theme “Ancient Enmity.” Included in the anthology and box set, these unique works are presented with Chinese and English translations in bilingual or trilingual formats.

Hirata Toshiko is a poet and novelist. During the 1980s, she, along with Hiromi Itō, emerged as one of the foremost voices so-called “women’s boom” of poetry. Her poetry is known for its directness and black humor. Tāminaru (Terminal), the 1997 anthology from which most of the poems translated here came, won the Doi Bansui Prize for poetry. She has also won the Hagiwara Sakutarō Prize for poetry for her 2004 collection Shi nanoka (Poetry on the Seventh Day/Is This Poetry?). In recent years, she has increasingly turned to writing novels, which often feature ordinary people in bizarre circumstances that lead them to question the traditional family system and the spots allotted to them in society. Among her many novels are Piano sando (Piano Sandwich, 2001), Futari nori (Two on Board, 2004), which won the Noma Literary Prize for New Writers, and Watashi no akakute yawarakana bubun (My Soft, Red Place, 2007).

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