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20th Graduation, Master of Architecture, CUHK

CUHK 20th Master of Architecture Graduation Show Committee

English , 2016/05 School of Architecture, CUHK

Tags: Architecture

220 x 150 mm , 453pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8272-18-1

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The figure 20 marks a point of both envisioning and retrospect of the graduating cohort and the School of Architecture of CUHK. An arduous and rigorous eight months of exploration, enlightenment and self-discovery, the 53 of us have absorbed what we have learnt through these trials, pieced together fragments of new ideas and expression, and projected a promising vista that is built upon the beliefs and visions of every one of us.

The 20th Graduation Publication not only showcases the 53 thesis projects, but also reflects on how the previous 20 years of CUHK MArch students have evolved and transformed through era - what depicts the unique identity of the alumni of the School, what the CUHK Architecture culture has grown into over the years, as well as how their innovative ideas served as a projection of what their future could be.

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