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  • (Out of Stock) Of Leaves & Ashes

(Out of Stock) Of Leaves & Ashes

Patty Ho

English , 2016/04 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Poetry; Philosophy, Music

210 x 140 mm , 128pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8228-05-8

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OF LEAVES & ASHES by Patty Ho (何世嫻) is a collection of poems: among these, some relate to philosophy and some to old Chinese poems to which Patty Ho has added new thoughts. Others are more musical and are additionally presented on the accompanying CD as songs.

           Love and pain, dreams and disillusion, leaves and memories, ashes and hopes, encounters and homecomings, sorrow and beauty... all are interwoven in the poems in this book.

           The notes contain Patty Ho’s translations of the Chinese poems quoted in the book.

           Patty Ho has an intense interest in English and Chinese poetry, philosophy and music. She found inspiration for her poems from the enlightening thoughts of great philosophers as well as from the poetry of the Tang and Sung Dynasties. This book integrates treasured quotations and inspiration from famous philosophers and poets (both Chinese and Western) across the centuries.

           Patty Ho’s essay ‘A solitary song for nothing’, which concludes the book, discusses poetry and philosophy.

           The CD accompanying the book consists of poems and songs written and sung by Patty Ho to music composed by herself. Most of the songs are in English, but two of the old Chinese poems are sung in Cantonese; another song is sung half in Putonghua and half in English.

           Philosophy, poetry, music and songs, concerning existence, truth, love and beauty, are intermingled in this book of leaves and ashes...


Here, love that can raise the dead is dancing;
Here, there is blending of philosophy and poetry;
Music flows with beauty; butterflies soar with dreams...

—“Reeds” (Translated by Patty Ho)


 Drawn together by the calls of their being, the poetess and her readers are engaged in a journey: a shared journey of discovery.

— Horace Wong


Patty’s poetry shows us the world of thinking and feeling, love and tragedy, sadness and happiness, peace and turmoil, memory and oblivion, desire and frustration, and truth and untruth.

—Professor Cheung Chan-Fai

PATTY HO (何世嫻) was born in Hong Kong. She studied law at the University of Hong Kong and is now practising as a solicitor in a local law firm. She studied philosophy in the Master of Arts in Philosophy (part-time) programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is also interested in singing and writing music for poems.

           Apart from her interest in philosophy and music, she has always been a poetry lover and poetry still remains what she loves most. She first started to write poems in her secondary school days, in Form Six, and has kept up her interest in reading and writing poems ever since.

           Time and experiences in life have deepened her love for poetry, and the study of philosophy has given her inspiration for writing some deeper and thought-provoking poems. Apart from words, she loves to express her poetry in music and songs. What she strives to attain is to unfold the pages of her poems, pour out her songs and stars, transform sorrow into beauty, and paint her own essence with love.

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