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  • The Chinese Great Leap Forward Great Famine Database (1958–1962) 中國大躍進──大饑荒數據庫 (1958–1962)

The Chinese Great Leap Forward Great Famine Database (1958–1962) 中國大躍進──大饑荒數據庫 (1958–1962)

Edited by Song Yongyi


140 x 125 mm ISBN / ISSN : 978-1-4675-5997-3

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  • More than 7,000 documents, including CCP directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials’ speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations;
  • First-hand sources totaling 30 million words meticulously collated;
  • Material of rare value, of which 50% is from internal archives at various levels, including 3,000 highly classified records and investigative reports filed during the Great Famine;
  • Covering a larger context of the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine with inclusion of documents on such policies and campaigns as the state monopoly on grain purchase and marketing, the Collectivization of Agriculture, the Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries, the Great Debate on “Red and Expert,” the“Dual-Antis” Campaign, the Campaign to “Open One’s Heart to the Party,” and the Campaign to “Pull Out White Flags and Erect Red Flags”;
  • Fully functional search-engine in both Chinese and English: data retrievable by author, subject, title, date, keywords, and locality;
  • New features such as “print”, “keyword highlight”, and “toggle between Chinese and English”;

    For online version:
  • Allowing unlimited campus-wide access with remote log-in and download functions;
  • Timely database update when new material becomes available.


  • Song Yongyi 宋永毅 (California State University, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Guo Jian 郭 建 (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, USA)
  • Ding Shu 丁 抒 (Normandale Community College, USA)
  • Zhou Yuan 周 原 (University of Chicago, Chicago, USA)
  • Dong Guoqiang 董國強 (Nanjing University, China)
  • Shen Zhijia 沈志佳 (University of Washington, USA)
  • Zhou Zehao 周澤浩 (York College of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Yu Xiguang 余習廣 (History scholar, China)

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