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  • Tian Tong Yuan 天通苑

Tian Tong Yuan 天通苑

Han Kunni 韓坤妮

Chinese , 2011/01

Tags: China Studies, Society

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「Tian Tong Yuan」 is the life of the group-renting north drift graduates in Beijing. With my 4-month exprience living there together with them, I shoot this documentary, which describes the life of the north drifts graduates living in cellar. It reveals tha fact under the big pressure in finding jobs and high house prices, the 'ant tribe' have to live in a poor condition and have to face the great contrast between the dream after university graduation and the true world.For them, the glory of 'the chosen one' had already faded away and the life of being a 'north drift' make them struggle for survival. How to climb out of the underclass is the qusetion just as how to move out of their cellars, making them entangled every day. It is also worth thinking that can knowledge really change fate?

紀錄片《天通苑》以在北京住在群租房裡北漂大學生為主題,用我自己住進地下群租房的4個月親身經歷,串聯起共同生活在一個屋簷下的一個個群租房內大學畢業生們的北漂故事,揭示了在北京就業壓力、高房價壓力之下,蟻族們居住環境的惡劣與大學畢業後帶著美好憧憬進入社會的巨大反差。對於他們來說,「天之驕子」的光環早已褪去,北漂的生活讓他們每日都在在生存線上掙扎,如何爬出像他們居住的地下室一樣的社會最底層是他們每天糾結的問題,也值得整個社會思考—— 知識真的可以改變命運嗎?

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