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  • Kung Fu (I) 功夫

Kung Fu (I) 功夫

An Elementary Chinese Text (5 Audio-CDs ─ Individual:for personal use only)

John C. Jamieson, Lin Tao, Zhao Shuhua

Bilingual , 2003/01

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-135-0

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The Kung Fu series, a set of learning material on the Chinese language, is the product of collaborative efforts of experts from mainland China, Hong Kong and the U.S. It aims at providing texts and exercises that will have fresh and accurate language, communicate effectively with an international audience, have clear and orderly structural explanations, and contain a good number of contextual, task-based exercises for stimulating students to higher levels of fluency. Kung Fu (I) is the first volume in the series and is meant to satisfy the requirements of an elementary Chinese program. There are twenty-two lessons in total, each including: ‧ Lesson text in Chinese characters; ‧ Vocabulary, with contextual examples for selected entries; ‧ Supplementary vocabulary; ‧ Grammar notes: points of structure are explained fully, with adequate contextual examples as reinforcement; Phrases and sentences, a series of phrases and complete declarative, imperative, interrogative, or exclamatory sentences for drill reinforcement of new material; ‧ Lesson text in pinyin romanization; ‧ Lesson text in English translation; ‧ Task-based classroom activities; ‧ Reading comprehension for selected lessons.

John C. Jamieson was Director of New-Asia -- Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center and Office of International Studies Programme and Professor of Asian Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong before his retirement in 2001. He is Emeritus Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of California, Berkeley and has held directorships, visiting professorships or research appointments at numerous universities, including Peking, Kyoto, Korea, Harvard and Cambridge. He is the editor or author of a number of Chinese texts, including Elementary Chinese Companion (1975).

Tao Lin taught at Peking University from 1952 where he was, prior to retirement in 1994, Professor of Chinese and Chairman of the Center of Chinese as a Foreign Language He continues to be an Advisor of Doctoral Candidates in the Department of Chinese at Peking University. His major works include Studies in Phonetics—Collected Essays (1990) and A Course in Phonetics (1992) (all in Chinese).

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