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  • Railroad of Hope 希望之旅(Out of stock)

Railroad of Hope 希望之旅(Out of stock)

Ning Ying 寧瀛

Chinese , 2001/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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Every year during August and September thousands of agricultural workers leave Sichuan by train for a long journey lasting three days and two nights, towards China's far-west: Xinjiang Autonomous Region, where endless cotton fields are awaiting the harvest. For most of them it's the first time away from their native villages, as well as the first time on a train. Probably for the first time ever, we can listen to Chinese peasants from poor interior regions speaking openly and sincerely about their lives.

每年八九月間,都會有成千上萬的四川農民擁上西行的火車,經過三天兩夜長達3000多公里的行程,來到祖國的大西北新疆。那裏一望無際的棉花正在等待收割…… 對他們當中大多數人而言,這是頭一次離開家鄉,也是頭一次坐火車。也許這是頭一次,我們可以如此直接地和真實地傾聽貧困地區的中國農民,第一次講述他們自己的故事。

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