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  • Garden in Heaven (3 Series) 天堂花園(Out of stock)

Garden in Heaven (3 Series) 天堂花園(Out of stock)

Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明, Hu Jie 胡傑

English, Chinese , 2005/01

Tags: China Studies, Right-Protection

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By tracing the story of teacher Huang Jing, who died after falling victim to date rape, this documentary captures the changes in China between 2003 and 2005, before and after the injunction to respect and protect human rights was written into the Constitution. The documentary illustrates awareness of human rights, women's struggle against judicial corruption, and women taking action to fight against domestic violence. By highlighting the effort made by women at the grass roots level, the documentary records the cultural debates between women and the law, and the impact of their campaigns on policy makers. The documentary serves as a forum for presenting the crime of rape in different perspectives while promoting debate on the possibilities of civil society activism in China.

通過對湖南女教師黃靜受害案的追蹤,這部記錄片關注今天中國社會正在經歷的重要變動:公民意識的覺醒,婦女對司法腐敗的抗爭以及反對性暴力的行動。從影片中可以看到,2003 年到 2005 年人權入憲前後中國基層民眾的權利訴求以及公民權利意識的進一步覺醒。記錄者希望,通過一樁法律公案的故事,展現婦女與法律的文化論戰,知識份子的社會責任,並激發對於建立公民社會之可能性的持續討論。

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