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  • Karamay 克拉瑪依(Out of stock)

Karamay 克拉瑪依(Out of stock)

Xu Xin 徐辛

Chinese , 2010/01

Tags: China Studies, Right-Protection

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The possible conspiracy surrounding the 1994 theatre Fire that took the lives of 323 people in Xinjiang Province – most of them schoolchildren, none of them Government officials or business leaders at the event – isn's the real subject of Xu Xin's moving and compelling epic documentary. Shot in stark, steady black and white, the parents of children who died in the disaster are given an arena to finally voice their rage, fear, self-loathing and frustration in an exhaustive study of the lingering emotional impact of the tragedy over a decade later.

1994 年新疆克拉瑪依友誼館大火,一句「學生們不要動,讓領導先走」,使得近288名學童葬身火海,一群官員卻都安然無恙。本是教育當局為歡迎上級而設的文藝表演,終釀成慘案。十多年來,死難家屬始終領不到死亡證,官方也一直沒有悼念活動,只強調注意力已從火災轉向促進發展。獨立紀錄片導演徐辛偏要舊事重提,尋找那些永留墓碑上的年輕笑容,回望遇難者生前錄像,聆聽死者家屬與倖存者的不平之鳴,正式克拉瑪依的烙印傷痕。

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