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  • Herzog's Days 赫索格的日子(Out of stock)

Herzog's Days 赫索格的日子(Out of stock)

He Yang 何楊

Chinese , 2010/01

Tags: China Studies, Right-Protection

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In 2010, a freedom of expression case known as "The Three Netizens" caused a civil movement storm in mainland China.

In Minqing County, Fujian Province, a girl was raped to death. The police said that it was a natural death. However, based on various signs, her mother believes that the girl died after she was gang raped. Three netizens, You Jingyou, Fan Yanqiong and Wu Huaying, wrote articles and recorded videos for the girl's mother and made them public on the internet. Because of this, the police convicted the three and sentenced them to between one and two years in prison.

This event caused great indignation among the netizens. People came from across the country to the Mawei Court in Fujian Province to show their solidarity with the three, thus opening a new chapter in the history China's civil rights movement.

2010 年,中國大陸,一起被稱為「三網友」案的言論自由案件引起了一場公民運動風暴。



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