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  • Disbarment 吊照門(Out of stock)

Disbarment 吊照門(Out of stock)

He Yang 何楊

Chinese , 2010/01

Tags: China Studies, Right-Protection

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Because of handling cases involving forced eviction, religion and freedom of expression, Beijing Bureau of Justice prepared to revoke the lawyers' licenses of human rights lawyers Tang Jitian and Liu Wei. On April 22, 2010, the hearing for the revocation of their licenses was held at the office of the Beijing Bureau of Justice. This marked the beginning of a new round of suppression of human rights lawyers.

In recent years, the situation regarding human rights lawyers have worsened. They have been sentenced, sent to Re-education through Labor camps, harassed, kidnapped, followed and beaten, and these malignant events are occurring frequently. As voices of the vulnerable, their channels for fighting for justice have been blocked one after the other.

由於代理拆遷、宗教及言論自由等案件,北京市司法局準備吊銷維權律師唐吉田、劉巍的律師執業證。2010 年 4 月 22 日,吊照聽證會在北京市司法局舉行。這是對維權律師群體新一輪打壓的開始。


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