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  • In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul 尋找林昭的靈魂

In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul 尋找林昭的靈魂

Hu Jie 胡傑

Chinese , 2004/01

Tags: China Studies, Politics

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This film traces a story that happened 40 years ago. Lin Zhou, a student of Beijing University, was among the first to fight dictatorship after 1949 in an open, self-conscious, and sober way. During the Red Terror, she grew from a pure, loyal follower into a valiant fighter. She was imprisoned for 8 years and although deprived of pen and paper, she left hundreds of thousands of words written in her own blood: declarations, poems and notes of her thoughts. At a struggle meeting on April 29, 1968, she was gagged and later secretly killed. Even today the place and manner of her death are not known. The director sought out her former colleagues and classmates and others who might know a little about her, and recorded what happened to him on his journey in search of the soul of the dead girl.

本片的紀錄者通過一條條線索尋訪了這個發生在四十年前關於林昭的事情。林昭是 1949 年之後在中國公開地,自覺地,清醒地反抗極權專制的第一人。在長達八年的監獄中,被剝奪了筆和紙的林昭,用髮卡刺破自己的手指用自己的鮮血書寫了幾十萬字的血的聲明、詩歌和思想筆記。1968 年 4 月 29 日,在犯人和獄警的大會上林昭被捆綁嘴裏塞滿東西,會後林昭被殺害,至今不知道殺害的地點與方式。本片尋訪了 1950 年林昭參加革命的同事,1957 年林昭的同學-那批北京大學著名的右派以及林昭各個時期的歷史的見證人,紀錄了尋訪者在當下社會中遇到的人和事,呈現出林昭聖女般的精神以及那一段真實歷史。

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