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  • Painting for the Revolution 為革命畫畫(Out of stock)

Painting for the Revolution 為革命畫畫(Out of stock)

Hu Jie 胡傑, Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明

Chinese , 2005/01

Tags: China Studies, Politics

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Hu County, located in suburban Xi'an of Shanxi province, was well known for its peasants' painting in 1958, when China witnessed its Great Leap. Its fame went up to the highest during the Cultural Revolution and was hailed as the Model Paintings. The directors visited the county in 2005 and interviewed the peasant painters such as Liu Zhide, Li Fenglan, their tutors and the professor from Central Academic of Fine Arts. The professor once even setup the school there. Chen Danqing, the famous arts critic comments on the phenomena in connection with the Leftist movement.

With the comparison of different ages the political language, the artistic imagination and the paintings, the film pulls in diverse sources: the old documentary film clips, the new propaganda paintings covered over the blurred old one, Beijing Opera in "Qin" accent (local accent) and the new life traces at the current background. All the elements were engaged so well that it helped to better understand the peasants there and evoked the research interests on the propaganda paintings in Cultural Revolution.

戶縣位於陝西西安近郊, 戶縣農民畫在1958 年中國大躍進年代誕生,在“文革”中進入鼎盛期,它曾經於1973年在北京展出,並到全國八大城市巡展,一度成為“文革”中的“樣板畫”。2005年7月,我們在戶縣訪問了劉志德,李鳳蘭,張春霞,張林,宋厚成,閻玉珍,樊志華等知名畫家,還訪問了當年農民畫的輔導者丁濟堂,馬宏志,程征以及曾在戶縣開門辦學的中央美術學院蘇高禮教授。著名美術評論家陳丹青結合左翼藝術運動評說了戶縣農民畫的意義。


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