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  • Little House 小屋(Out of stock)

Little House 小屋(Out of stock)

Dai Yi 戴藝

Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Immigration

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On the periphery of every city there live the poor migrant peasants looking for a better life in City. Although the shabby living condition, burst of laugh of two years old Wadan and her parents could be cached from time to time. The film depicts the kind and sincere character of the Chinese peasant and tries to give a positive outlook of their life.

80 年代以來,中國大批農民為了生存湧入城市尋找自己新的家園。影片講述了在城鄉邊的一間破舊的小屋裏,兩歲的娃蛋和他一家人的生存狀況。懷著對美好生活的嚮往,在這個狹小的空間裏,每天一家人生活得有滋有味。本片捕捉到大量生活的細節,表現了中國農民樸實善良的品格。

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