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  • Doctor Ma's Country Clinic 馬大夫的診所

Doctor Ma's Country Clinic 馬大夫的診所

Cong Feng 叢峰

Chinese , 2008/01

Tags: China Studies, Medical Science & Health Care

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Huangyangchuan town, Gulang county, Gansu province, China. It's a place of arid mountain area with poor traffic conditions. Ma Bingcheng is a respected local doctor. As for his good medical skills, many patients (most of them are farmers) come to see him everyday.In this narrow and small clinic, when people wait for seeing doctor or making up prescription, they usually chat with each others about their lives, local conditions, or the experience of people they know. This narrow country clinic becomes an open space, the information and experiences of different people who came to the clinic intertwine together, thus reveal the living conditions of local farmers, and the fate of the old generation and the new generation connected together. And I believe that the condition of the farmers in Huangyangchuan is not exceptional, instead, it's something common in a wider range for Chinese people. Life and death, illness and old age, they are just like changing of the seasons. Death exists, while life goes on. Dr. Ma, keeps on seeing his patients everyday.




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