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  • Basking in the Sun 曬太陽(Out of stock)

Basking in the Sun 曬太陽(Out of stock)

Hu Jie 胡傑

Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Cultural Studies

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Modern arts are becoming the fashion among young artists in China today. They favor activities in teams or small groups, which is discouraged by the government. But the artists have their ways. This film records an experience in Nanjing where 200 artists selected a deserted private island as the site for a modern art event they called "Basking in the Sun". This vanguard event turned out to be very popular because it appealed to the new craze for raising capital from commerce.

當代藝術成為中國搞藝術的青年人追逐的時尚。年青的藝術家們常常以藝術小組或小團體的形式組織活動,但這一切不但政府不能接受,而且還受到很多限制。但藝術家們也有很多展示自己的方法。片子紀錄的是中國南京市的幾個藝術家,召集了其他地區的 200 多名藝術家搞一個“曬太陽”的現代藝術活動。他們選取私人荒島做場所,投當地招商引資之所好,竟把這個活動搞的很熱鬧。

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