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  • The Cockroach and Other Stories

The Cockroach and Other Stories

Liu Yichang / Edited by D. E. Pollard

English , 1996/01 Renditions Paperbacks Research Centre for Translation, CUHK

Tags: Literature

211 x 140 mm , 164pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7255-15-4

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Liu Yichang has devoted the best part of his long career to serving the cause of literature in Hong Kong. A journalist who arrived in Hong Kong from the wartime capital of Chungking, he founded the influential Hong Kong Literature Monthly. He is still active as its editor and as a translator of Western fiction into Chinese. The stories presented here demonstrate his unfailing inventiveness with form and technique. At the same time, they reveal the pain and pleasures of ordinary lives in present-day Hong Kong. 'These stories ... capture photographically the endlessly fascinating life of a city in constant flux.' - World Literature Today

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