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  • Hong Kong Management Cases in Marketing

Hong Kong Management Cases in Marketing

The Management Development Centre of Hong Kong

English , 1996/04 Management Development Series The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Business, Finance & Management

229 x 152 mm , 160pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-201-724-5

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Until recently, very few case books are written about Hong Kong business situations. Most case books have drawn their materials from North America and Europe. There are very few which reflect the local situation familiar to readers in Hong Kong. To remedy this situation, the Case Clearing House of Hong Kong has encouraged local authors to write cases based on true-to-life Hong Kong situations. In this volume, fourteen cases are selected from the library of the Case Clearing House. Areas covered include: marketing environment; marketing segmentation; product life cycle, research, and new product development; marketing mix; industrial marketing; marketing management and strategy; marketing policy; and market development. Managers will find the situations presented in the book similar to those they face in their work and will be able to learn from the discussions of the cases presented. Students will find the cases a useful means of enhancing their understanding of marketing practice in Hong Kong. The book is also serviceable to marketing professionals, who, from studying the cases, will be able to improve their marketing skills. A tutorial guide with comprehensive teaching notes is available separately from the publisher for teachers.

The Management Development Centre of Hong Kong (MDC) was set up by the Vocational Training Council in 1984 with the main purpose of developing, promoting and extending managerial effectiveness in Hong Kong. Since its inception, it has researched extensively in the field of management development, producing and publishing a wide range of publications, training packages and self-study aids. The MDC has its own staff of professional Management Development Advisers and a Resource Centre which includes a fully stocked management library.


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