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  • Chinese Classical Prose

Chinese Classical Prose

The Eight Masters of the T'ang-Sung Period

Translated by Shih Shun Liu

English , 1979/01 Translation Studies Research Series Research Centre for Translation, CUHK

Tags: Translation

235 x 157 mm , 384pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-201-179-3

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The Tang-Song period (AD 8th to 12th century) is regarded as the golden age of Chinese prose. The eight classical prose masters represented in this anthology were the motivating force of a literary movement which aimed at moral regeneration as well as stylistic restoration. Their success in extending the range of the prose genre and reinvigorating its style made them household names in China's literary tradition.

Shih Shun Liu, the translator, served as Research Professor at St. John's University in Jamaica, N.Y. and is a leading scholar of classical Chinese literature.

'... Liu's bilingual text, in the attractive and well-edited Renditions production, will be of great utility in the college classroom.'
—World Literature Today

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