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  • Black Walls and Other Stories

Black Walls and Other Stories

Liu Xinwu / Edited by Don J. Cohn

English , 1990/01 Renditions Paperbacks Research Centre for Translation, CUHK

Tags: Literature

211 x 140 mm , 216pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7255-06-2

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Liu Xinwu has been a prominent and acerbic chronicler of Chinese society, as well as one of China's most successful middle-aged writers, Appointed editor of People's Literature, the journal of the Chinese Writers' Association, in 1986, he was dismissed in 1990 due to his role as sympathetic observer of the 1989 protests. These stories reveal his remarkable literary versatility and also provide a fascinating insight into the tensions which have shaped Chinese society in recent decades. 'Illuminates the commonplace incivilities, out of controlled revolution of rising expectations, and other anomolies that so puzzle tourists and those of us who are otherwise awed that the Chinese live peacefully in such impossibly close quarters.' - Choice '... a welcome addition to the still very scant documentation in English of the realtively more daring literary statements produced in the pre-Tiananmen Incident atmosphere of the late 1980s.' - World Literature Today

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