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  • Recurrent Education and Lifelong Learning

Recurrent Education and Lifelong Learning

Reflections of an Old Educational Researcher

Torsten Husén

English , 2001/01 Educational Studies Series, Education Policy Studies Series Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, CUHK

Tags: Education

216 x 138 mm , 34pp ISBN : 978-962-8077-52-6

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In the modern, rapidly changing society it is difficult, not to say impossible, to predict what specific competencies a person would need during his or her lifetime. The implications of this for the school curriculum are spelled out in this paper. Education has to be regarded as a lifelong process of recurrent acquisitions of knowledge and competencies. The basic school has to focus on general education, particularly on skills to acquire knowledge which can be applied to a broad spectrum of, largely unforeseen, situation. The qualification structure is also changing from a pyramid-like to an egg-shaped one which means that a high level of qualifications is needed for a larger proportion of the population.

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