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Fusion (Out of stock)

How to Unleash Irreversible Change — Lessons for the Future of System-Wide School Reform

Michael Barber, Vicki Phillips

English , 2000/01 Educational Studies Series, Education Policy Studies Series Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, CUHK

Tags: Education

216 x 138 mm , 32pp ISBN : 978-962-8077-40-3

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This paper introduces the concept of "fusion," a way of thinking about school reform which the authors believe can lead to major advance. Starting from the premises that all children can achieve high standards and that rapid progress is possible, five "fusions" are examined. Each is an example of the way of thinking the authors advocate which involves combining apparent opposites. The first fusion described combines equity with diversity, the second pressure with support, the third innovation with sustained implementation, the fourth changing behaviours with changing beliefs and the fifth central direction with empowering the frontline. In describing each of these fusions the authors illustrate them with examples from British and American reforms.

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